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Hotel Sauna

The Sauna is equipped with a round bath pool, individual shower booths, and a one-key system to respect the guests’ privacy and comfort. This is the place where you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation.


  • Type
  • Location
    Main Tower 4F
  • Hours
    Closed on last Monday of each month


  • Experience Shower

The soft Experience Shower will boost energy into your body and mind. The subtle lights, aroma, and water temperature will provide a novel and exotic experience.

  • Ice Fountain

The Ice Fountain helps to lower your elevated body temperature after using the dry or wet sauna. It is effective in improving your blood circulation, immune system, and even your skin`s appearance.

  • Dry & Wet Sauna

The negative ion emitted from sauna stones are beneficial to health. It helps to increase your blood circulation and metabolism, and simply relaxes your body

  • Hotel members and staying guests only
  • Guests should be more than 14 to use this facility


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