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※ Thank you for your continued patronage at Sulwhasoo Spa at Lotte Hotel. Sulwhasoo Spa is currently under reconstruction and we are unable to take reservations at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to see you soon with a new and improved spa.
Thank you.

Sulwhasoo SPA realizes the value of Sangseng by harmonizing your body and mind, and brings out the greatest beauty that is inherent in you. The Sulwhasoo SPA at Lotte Hotel is the first luxury hotel spa in Korea to have a salt room. You will achieve harmony and tranquility between your mind and body in this little piece of heaven.


  • Type
  • Location
    Main Tower 4F
  • Hours
    10:30 – 21:30 (closed on last Monday of each month)


  • Dry Cloth Massage

Once you step into Sulwhasoo SPA treatment room, your treatment begins with dry cloth massage, which was a ritual performed in the palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. The cloth is infused with your choice of Korean herbal medicinal aroma essential oil to enhance the effects of your treatment program and to wake up all of your senses.

  • Scientific Tools

The tools used for your treatment are both traditional and scientific. The cool jade enhances treatment when it meets warm ginseng, the white porcelain has strong purifying effects, and Korean paper mask with strong absorbency and permeability treats wrinkles and whitens skin. These tools maximize the treatment effects along with Sulwhasoo products.

  • Harmonious Music

During the treatment program, a warm mugwort pad is placed on your lower abdomen to make you comfortable and the soft background music is chosen to make you relax.

  • Sangseng Breathing and Tea

After the treatment, you are guided to perform “Sangseng(相生) Breathing,” the six different breathing routines to benefit different parts of your body, and finish up the program with a cup of aromatic tea.


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