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MONARTE Coloring Lounge

Art experience program with the MONARTE Institute for the summer holidays.

Period : 2019-07-19 ~ 2019-08-31
Event Detail

It offers art activities program with the MONARTE Institute of Education Experience learning while playing with a professional teacher.

• Period: 2019. 07. 19 ~ 08. 31, every Friday to Sunday
• Time: 11:00 - 17:00
• Location: LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, Main Tower, 22F Lounge
• Free for guests and diners.

※ Due to the duration of the program, waiting times may occur if there are many customers.

monami, monarte

MONARTE Introduction

MONARTE Institute, which is comprised of experts in various fields of art such as children's education, design, craft, and art education, helps children to use various tools in their lives to express themselves in art easily and joyfully.

monami, monarte


Using Monami which is Korea’s leading stationery company products to color and draw a postcard of N Seoul Tower, a famous place in Seoul.

monami, monarte


Using design and art materials, we make Columbus compass or Renaissance art book to make paper art.