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African Contemporary Art Exhibition

"Art is an ubiquitous language"
May 16, 2024 「African Contemporary Art Exhibition」 will be held at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL.
Period : 2024-05-16 - 2024-06-14
Event Detail

"Art is an ubiquitous language"

Africa, an unknown continent dream of by the free spirits of artists, is the birthplace of human civilization and has inspired numerous artists artistically, especially the enormous influence of phobism, cubism, and expressionist abstract art that dominated the 20th century.
It is said that the origin of humanity began with the African highlands. The origin of the origin cannot be clearly calculated, but since humans had differentiated themselves from animals millions of years ago, human travel has shifted from Africa to other regions, and before long, traveling to the unknown would have been a treasure trove of infinite imagination and a challenge that sowed the seeds of civilization in human history. Through
this history of challenges to the unknown and mystery, civilized soil has been cultivated and taken root. History begins with the emergence of letters. Africa is the cradle of history and culture.
Numerous artists were inspired by the primitive art of the African continent, the birthplace of ancient civilizations, opening up a new trend in the history of Western art in the 20th century. Henry Moore, one of Britain's greatest sculptors of the century, also said, "African art has a powerful vitality." The fundamental energy imparted to Picasso by the immense
vitality that emanates from the vast black continent has changed the course of modern art in the 21st century.
African art is a fresh stimulus for humanism, and it has continued to change and develop independently, not just in the past and tradition. This 「African Contemporary Art Exhibition」 will fully enjoy the unique charm of African contemporary art, which is not included incertain Western trends.
It is meaningful that 「African Contemporary Art Exhibition」 will be held at Lotte Hotel Seoul. And I believe it will be a valuable time to enjoy cultural diversity and communicate with third-world art through African contemporary art.

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■ Period : 2024. 5. 16 ~ 2024. 6. 14
■ Place : LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL (30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04533 Republic of Korea)
■ Detail : African Contemporary Art Exhibition