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evian SPA located on the 86th floor of SIGNIEL SEOUL, is an untouched and raw refuge inspired by the noble purity of the Evian mountains.
Combining genuine and highly sensorial materials, natural light reflections and breathtaking views,
our spa is an invitation to an unexpected journey that convokes both body and mind to help you reconnect to your very self.


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  • A timeless retreat away from the hectic pulse of the city.

Conceived as a living multi sensory entity entirely dedicated to wellness, evian SPA Seoul offers a unique experience of premium hydration in a relaxing environment.

Mimicking the cycle of water, the course of treatments explores all states of water to stimulate every senses. Celestial, Mineral, Precious, Vitalizing, 4 experiences that structure the spa offer, that echo the evian water course to create this miracle of nature.

Rise up, free your body and mind of the surrounding pollution, escape from the hustle-bustle of everyday life, reduce signs of the passing time on your skin with a rebirth feeling - this is what our unique and celestial refuge promises to our guests: A prerequisite to your daily wellness.

  • Spa facilities
  • 6 treatment rooms, all with private locker rooms & shower rooms
  • 1 VIP suite room for couples including with private jacuzzi
  • Relaxation Lounge with "evian aquabar"
  • Extensive heat and water experience including steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and pool


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