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Afternoon Tea Set
150,000 won / 2persons
Period : 2020-03-02 ~ 2020-08-31
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Bringing French taste to Korea through afternoon tea set thanks to Chef Yannick Alleno's mastering, SIGNIEL SEOUL The Lounge had to offer its guest a real Parisian tea-time or as French would say: a real "Gouter".
The "Gouter" is the name of that very popular and happy moment of rest when you literally taste the most indulging and regressive food.
Being very French in many ways, Yannick Alleno proposes his version of the Gouter, showcasing the most indulgent recipes.
Le Gouter SIGNIEL is the ideal offer to regain happiness with its offer of romantic time in a gorgeous setting with an unparalleled view.
*Please refer to the image above for better understanding

[Le Gouter SIGNIEL]
- Lemon confit glazed pound cake
- Crusty braided brioche dough filled with hazelnut and chocolate spread
- Chilled rice pudding with vanilla and cinnamon
- Warm egg custard pudding with seasonal fruit
- Donut filled with strawberry confiture
- Tartlet sablée topped with chocolate ganache
- Ham and cheese in grilled sourdough sandwich
- Shrimp and clam creamy custard cooked in pastry tart dough
- Soft poached egg in jelly with herbs mustard mayonnaise

Hours : 12pm~6pm

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    The Lounge
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Signiel Seoul-DINING-Bar & Lounge-The LoungeB

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