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LOTTE HOTEL ST. PETERSBURG is proud to welcome guests at MEGUmi - the first premium class Japanese restaurant in the city.
Mouthwatering scents and meticulous service, MEGUmi introduces unparalleled event and dining experience.
The menu is based on both classic and original recipes of the modern Japanese cuisine. The name of the restaurant stands for “blessing” in Japanese,
which brings a special meaning to every dish. With a total area of 190 sq.m. the restaurant offers 3 private dining rooms: Ran, Kiku & Sakura.


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    1st Floor
Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg - Dining - Restaurant - MEGUmi



From 12:00 till 23:00


- Modern Japanese cuisine
- Both classic and original recipes
- The MEGUmi wine list includes two dozen types of sake and a collection of original cocktails
- Three private dining rooms: Ran, Kiku & Sakura
- Size: 190 m²
- Capacity: 64 guests

Special offers

megumi sake

Sake collection

MEGUmi restaurant boasts an exclusive collecion of two dozen different types of sake, including super-premium Ozeki Tokubetsu made from an elite variety of rice from the Hyogo province with a mild taste and aroma, and sake Koi from Gohyakumangoku rice and spring water, as well as eight years old Kujira craft whiskey from the Okinawa Islands.


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