For a More Restful Sleep

Please feel free to review the list of choices, and contact Housekeeping to let them know your selection.
As always, we hope your stay with Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg is comfortable and restful.

① Non-allergenic

Very soft pillow filled with 100% polyester balls. Especially recommended for allergy sufferers.

② Orthopedic

Latex pillow with contoured surface for neck support.

③ Latex

Soft latex foam pillow.

④ Buckwheat

Firm pillow filled with buckwheat chaff.

⑤ Traditional Korean

Cylindric neck pillow filled with buckwheat chaff.

⑥ Temperature regulating

Soft pillow with temperature and humidity regulation function. Filled with Airflocks balls 70% polyester, 30% tencel.

⑦ Antibacterial

Very soft pillow filled with 70% polyester and 30% modal fibres. Antibacterial properties thanks to silver-treated pillow case.

⑧ Woolen

Medium-soft pillow filled with 100% wool flocks.

⑨ Exclusive neck support

Classic down pillow (100% goose down) combined with neck support function. Soft-latex contoured pillow.

⑩ Neck-care support

Comfort core made of supporting circular cylinders with AIRSOFT polyester padding.

⑪ Lavender or mint

Medium-soft pillow filled with lavender or mint.