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Ulsan Grand Park

Ulsan Grand Park, located in Namgu Ok-dong, is an ecotype city park with multiple attractions to see. The park offers huge swimming pool and theme park, outdoor concert area, multipurpose sports field, etc. The outdoor theme park offers 4 different size ponds, walking trail, playgrounds.

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Jinha Beach

Jinha Beach is located 242km southeast of Ulsan and is a little slice of summer paradise measuring 1km in length and 300m in x_width. Like most beaches along Namhae (the South Sea) the waters of Jinha are shallow, warm, and calm, making it a perfect place to go swimming.

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Gajisan Provincial Park

The residual mountains of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range form ten tall peaks in the Yeongnam region. Dubbed the ‘Yeongnam Alps,’ these peaks include Chwiseosan (1,092 meters, also called Yeongchwisan), Sinbulsan (1,209 meters), Cheonhwangsan (1,189 meters).

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ulsan, taehwagang

Taehwagang River

Taehwagang River cuts across Ulsan City from the east to west and originates in the valley between Ssalbawi of Gijisan Mountain and Tapgolsaem of Baekunsan Mountain. The 47.54km river passes through downtown Ulsan and empties out into Ulsan Bay, which is connected to the East Sea.

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