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Daewangam Park

Daewangam Park

Daewangam Park is a seaside park located on the east coast. A 1-km trail leads to the seashore after passing through a forest of pine, cherry trees, magnolias, camellias, apricots, and forsythia. The seaside is littered with weathered rocks carved into interesting shapes by the wind and ocean.

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Ilsan Beach (Ulsan)

Located 1km north of Baneojin, Ilsan Beach is a fine-grained sandy beach that is 600m in length, 40-60m in x_width, and 26,000㎡ in total area. The water is relatively shallow at 1-2 meters in depth and holds an average temperature of around 21.2 degrees Celsius. Every July,

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Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Village

Jangsaengpo Whale Life Experience Museum

Jangsaengpo Whale Life Experience Museum is a whale aquarium, located inside Jangsaengpo Ocean Park. Various fresh water and salt water tropical fish, shark, and sea turtles also live at the aquarium. In a submarine tunnel, real dolphins can be seen and many diverse dolphin-related programs.

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