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Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool, which is closest to the sky of the West Lake in the city center, offers a new play culture and a sensuous photo zone. Feel the atmosphere of West Lake and spend a special day in the free atmosphere created by those looking for something different.


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  • Location
  • Hours
    7:00 ~ 20:00 (subject to change)


• Infinity Pool: 5.8 m * 25.6 m, Kids Pool: 3.5 m * 6.0 m, Jacuzzi Pool: 2.5 m * 5.2 m
• Complimentary facilities for in-house guests only (Hotel/Service Residence)
• Adults only after 7:00 PM. Access is restricted for children and infants.
• Complimentary rental equipment, including lockers, towels and sun beds
• Please note that facilities may be closed without prior notice due to weather conditions or general events


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