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Ethics Reporting

About LOTTE HOTEL Ethics Office
LOTTE HOTEL Ethics Office is intended to serve as a guide to the all employees and promote ethical organizational environment. A reporting system is available to resolve any unethical problems within the workplace. Concerns of this nature can include, but are not limited to matters of the following: conflicts of interest, discrimination or harassment, questionable accounting or auditing practices, and compliance with laws and regulations. Corporate ethics training programs are also implemented to prevent unethical behavior.

You can submit a report through the ethics reporting system. It is important to LOTTE that we are held to the highest ethical standards.

Ethics Reporting

The information you report on a totally confidential and anonymous basis.
You have our guarantee that your comments will be heard and remain confidential.

LOTTE HOTEL Ethics Office

TEL : +82-2-317-7001 (Korean) , +82-2-317-7000 (English) 24-hour recorded hotline
EMAIL : hotelaudit@lotte.net
FAX : +82-2-757-6097
ADDRESS : LOTTE HOTEL Ethics Office, 30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-721