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I hereby confirm that my personal information below are accurate, and consent to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS Local and international hotels of the company’s chain (http://www.lottehotel.com/global/ko/hotel-finder.html) to collect and use as follows regarding to making reservation.

1. Collecting items

- Required items: Name(in English), Contact number(mobile, home, or company), E-mail, Credit card information

2. Purpose of Usage and Collection

Personal information are collected to provide information and make reservation
* Credit card information is only for the purpose of guarantee. No payment would be made without guest´s agreement.

3. Retention period of personal information

Personal information is retained from the date of consent until two (2) years.
* For canceled reservation, until five (5) days from the date of cancellation.

4. Right to refuse consent and CONSEQUENCES OF REFUSING CONSENT

Refusing to consent to the collection is allowed, but there would be limitation of services.