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L7 MYEONGDONG is joining forces with its awesome neighbor to make your trip even more amazing!


Because you don’t put off your fitness routine even while traveling, we’ve teamed up with Bodyflex Gym.
Fit with the hippest interior in Myeongdong, our neighbor Bodyflex Gym rocks a youthful and energetic vibe.
You can get in shape at this coolest place.
Don’t miss out on this great offer - only available for guests at L7 MYEONGDONG .


Special benefits: One 20% single-use discount voucher offered for each L7 MYEONGDONG guest

※ Ask for your single-use voucher at the front desk during your stay.
※ Discount is only available for L7 MYEONGDONG guests.
※ Discount only applies during your stay.