About Us


Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo is an eclectic space consisting of 296 rooms of 3 different types between the 3rd and 7th floors, along with convenient and creative shared spaces (fitness centers, meeting rooms, roof gardens, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc.) as well as trendy cafés and restaurants.

Join digital nomads from all over the world to experience an environment that inspires and naturally blends work and life at the trendy Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo!

From Korean creators to international digital nomads, the Local Stitch community is here for you. Find inspiration from Local Stitch members and embark on new creative endeavors. 1,400 Local Stitch members are here to support you and cheer you on.

* Local Stitch has over 1,400 members and operates 7 Local Stitch co-working & co-living spaces near Creator Town Seogyo.
(Seogyo Branch 2 - Super Stitch, Jandari, Yeonnam, Donggyo Mansion, Hongdae, Hongdae Branch 2, Yeonnam Branch 3)


suite studio room


Your personal space is as important as shared spaces.
There is an inextricable part of you even if the space doesn't belong to you or isn’t that large. Creator Town Seogyo’s co-living unit is complete with modular furniture designed by Local Stitch. Personalize your space according to your lifestyle and preferences with modular furniture that can be moved freely.




For greater enjoyment of your shared lifestyle together, there is a meeting room on the basement floor to converse with various members, a lounge to quietly listen to music, a communal kitchen to prepare meals together, a pet-exclusive bathroom to clean your pets, a package room to receive parcels, a storage room that is essential for long-term stays, a fitness center to decompress after a long day, a large laundry room for both washing and drying, a rooftop and a terrace.