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LOTTE HOTEL REWARDS Membership Terms of Use Revision


In an effort to provide our members with better services,
we are pleased to inform you of the revisions in the terms of use LOTTE HOTEL REWARDS Membership
as of November 1, 2023.

• Main Changes
- LOTTE RESORTS and LOTTE SKYHILL CC benefits added and details revised (change, removal, addition, etc.)

• Reason for Changes
- Resort service benefits added following the consolidation of the Resort Business Division, and certain phrases in the Terms and Conditions revised in accordance with the amended Personal Information Protection Act (September 15)

• Revisions
- Articles 1-13 of the Terms and Conditions for the LOTTE HOTEL REWARDS Membership

• Revision date: November 1, 2023
Announcement date : October 16, 2023

• Details of revisions
1) Before the revision

2) After the revision