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 2022. 06. 23 10:00 AM Open
2022-06-23 - 2022-12-31

01 LOTTE HOTEL X KOH SANG WOO releases new NFT art

02 Limited edition NFT art works, can only be kept by purchasing Lotte Hotel package

03 Presentation of works through "OpenSea", the world's largest NFT exchange

We introduce a hotel package that allows you to collect new digital art works by KOH SANG WOO, a world-renowned artist and 100 Korean contemporary art Young Powers, as NFT. It is an opportunity for artist KOH SANG WOO, who presents new attempts, and Lotte Hotel to collaborate to collect accommodation and new digital art works as "Limited NFT."

KOH SANG WOO's work is famous for fascinating pop star Madonna and captivating the American financial world's "Steve Jobs" Ray Dalio, and it is not easy to keep. Along with "Sotheby Auction" and "Christie Auction" in 2020, KOH's works have been sold at a high price at "Philips Auction", one of the world's top three auction houses. The 100 NFT works (about 120 million won) by KOH SANG WOO, which were released in the second half of last year, were sold out in 20 seconds, showing the huge impact of NFT art.

For this project, artist KOH SANG WOO will present the work of "BLACK PEARLS" on the theme of deer in the endangered animal series with a message of coexistence as an NFT limited edition. The process of wearing mysterious creatures with vitality in blue deer is created as an NFT work with background music. A total of 300 pieces (two types of random) are produced, and you can meet them in a limited edition package at a price of 1 million won to 1.2 million won per hotel (*tax service fee is 21% per hotel.)