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Point Conversion Request

You may convert your B points into LH Points.
B points and LH Points are converted at a 1:1 ratio.
The conversion is completed within 10 business days after the conversion request, and you will be notified of the result via e-mail.

Point Conversion Request
Current B points
Enter the B points to convert into LH Points.

※ It is possible to apply the point conversion in 1,000 Points. (1,000 B Points = 1,000 LH Points)

※ You may change your e-mail address for receiving notifications at [Change Member Information].

Edit password

If you convert B point to LH point, it will be available until December 31 of the following year

Please contact the Global Membership Manager in charge if you have questions on converting Booker Points. (Weekdays: 9:00 AM KST to 6:00 PM SKT (Excluding weekends & holidays))

TEL: +82 2 759 7671-4