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B point Voucher Request

You can get LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Vouchers issued with B Points.
* Check the locations where the vouchers can be used before requesting one.
* 1 USD = 100 points

Request LH Point eVoucher
  • B points will be immediately deducted once you complete the eVoucher request.
  • LOTTE Duty Free Shop does not accept $10 eVouchers and $50 eVouchers. View details
  • If you do not agree to provision of personal information to third parties, you will not be able to use points or eVouchers at affiliated companies like the LOTTE Duty Free Shop
  • The validity of the eVoucher issued is one year from the date of issue, expired eVoucher cannot be restored.
  • A single eVoucher cannot be split up for use in multiple shops and the difference is not returned as a point.