Art Collection Let the Sunshine In
  • Artist
    Lee Kyoung Mi
  • Media
    Oil on constructed birch panel
  • Location
  • Description of the Work

    The artist's balloon series is a work to contain the dual meaning of life. On the outside, the colorful and shiny foil balloon and its inner emptiness are realistically described through the reflection and wrinkles of the balloon. In addition, balloon is collected in a box composed of low reliefs to express a gift-like life. Various apolitical phrases are arranged on the balloon and geometric patterns are added to maximize the color and rhythm of the work.
    The title of the work "Let the Sunshine In" was borrowed from the 1960s musical "Hair".

  • About the Artist

    The artist, working between the United States, Germany, and Korea, has represented herself by depicting the cat "Nana" on her well known “street series” and continuously expanded artworks to various subjects on a variety of medium. She received the 24th Seokju Art Award in 2019 for the 'New Vertical Painting' series, which pays homage to Albrecht Dürer's 'Apocalypse of John'.
    Artworks contains objects of personal experience and reflections on modern civilization and the cat 'Nana', a symbol of alienation or the artist herself, in surreal scenes that being in harmony with space and time.
    In addition to painting works using various objects, the artist is expanding her scope to figures, installations, media, and digital art.

Lee Kyoung Mi(1977-, Korea)
  • HongIk University