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[For Gold & Platinum Members] Free Breakfast Coupon Event

Enjoy the "Free 1-person Breakfast Coupon" at LOTTE City Hotels & L7 HOTELS
exclusively for Gold & Platinum members!

Period : 2024-01-10 - 2024-02-29
Event Detail
gift box on silk cloth with chocolate color
[Coupon Details]
■ Coupon issue date : 10th Jan. 2024
■ Eligibility: Lotte Hotel Reward Gold and Platinum Level as of 10th Jan 2024
■ Participating Hotels:
    - LOTTE City Hotels: Mapo, Gimpo Airport, Jeju, Daejeon, Guro, Ulsan, and Myeongdong
■ Benefit: Free breakfast for one adult
■ Quantity: One breakfast coupon for one person issued per Gold/Platinum member account (Can only be used once)
■ Coupon Confirmation: My Page > Coupons > Click on the #F&B tag
■ Promotion Details: This is an online coupon that can be used by booking a room on the official website. (This coupon cannot be used when the reservation is made on-site or over the phone.)

[How to use the coupon]
■ STEP 1. Check the coupon
- Click [Coupon] at the top right of the website - Lotte City Hotel & L7 Hotel | Free Breakfast Coupon" at the bottom of "Reservation Shortcut - Select the chain hotel you want and make a reservation
■ STEP 2. Apply coupon
- Application can be made by selecting 'Available Coupon - Food and drink - Lotte City Hotel & L7 Hotel | Free Breakfast Coupon' on the 'Select Options' screen in the 3rd stage of reservation
※ Coupon application may not be possible for some packages.
■ STEP 3. Receipt of Coupons
    - Free breakfast coupons can be received at the front check-in
    - Kiosk check-in can be received after visiting the front desk
■ STEP 4. Use Coupons
    - Only available during stay
    - Unable to reissue or exchange cash in case of theft or loss of physical coupons

* The free breakfast coupon issued for this event is an online coupon that can only be used at LOTTE City Hotels & L7 HOTELS (domestic branches).
* Only Gold/Platinum members are eligible to receive this online breakfast coupon.
* This online breakfast coupon will no longer be available when it is used the first time. If you cancel, a new reservation cannot be made.
* This coupon can be used until February 29, 2024.
* This package is an exclusive online offer and only applies to reservations made through the official website (WEB & APP).
* This coupon cannot be used when the reservation is made on-site.
* If rooms are sold out on the selected date, the offer will not appear for that date on the website.
  • This event is only available to Gold and Platinum members.
  • A 10% VAT will be added to the amount above.
  • Rates vary depending on the dates and are subject to change depending on room availability.
  • This package may not be available depending on room availability.
  • It cannot be combined with other promotions.