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L- Lounge at LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN is designed with a light gray and golden brown motif and is arguably one of the most elegant and upscale establishments in the city. The lights dim in the evening to create a romantic ambiance. L-Lounge offers a much need break from hectic daily routines and an opportunity to recharge your depleted energy. If you’re looking to host an important gathering, try one of the two private rooms at L-Lounge,
where the elegant atmosphere will add a dash of class to any gathering.


  • Type
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Mon~Sat 10:00~21:00
Sun 10:00~18:00


  • Menu
  • Liquor : Beer, Handmade Beer, Wine, Wiskey
  • Beverage : Coffe, Handmade fruit ade
  • Bread : Club sandwich, French Toast, Today's Bread
  • Private rooms : reservation required
  • Private Ⅰ : Accommodates up to 6 to 8 people
  • Private Ⅱ : Accommodates up to 4 to 6 people

  • LOTTE HOTEL membership benefits are not applicable to L-Lounge.


TEL +82-52-960-5151