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Privilege Rewards Program Terms of Use

The following pertains to special services and benefits, and awards from the LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS LOTTE HOTEL Rewards (hereafter called “This Program”). All terms are according to the unique perspective of LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS and were made to protect its members. LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS has the right to make changes to This Program's regulations, conditions, special benefits, or awards related to LOTTE HOTEL Rewards, as necessary in accordance with internal circumstances or changes related to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS or its affiliates.

Article 1 Membership Overview

  • 1. These Terms and Conditions are regarding LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS’ provision of a rewards program and special benefits to LOTTE HOTEL Rewards members upon their use of hotels and resorts, and were written with regard to the services offered to the members.
  • 2. The scope of services by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS that is subject to these Terms and Conditions is as follows.
    • ② LOTTE HOTELS (Seoul, World (Jamsil, Seoul), Busan, Jeju, Ulsan, Hanoi, Legend Saigon, Guam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yangon)
    • ③ L7 (Myeongdong, Gangnam, Hongdae)
    • ④ LOTTE City Hotels (Gimpo Airport, Guro, Seoul Mapo, Myeongdong, Daejeon, Jeju, Ulsan, Kinshicho)
    • ⑤ LOTTE RESORTS (Buyeo, Sokcho, Jeju Artvillas, Arai)
    • ⑥ Other LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS that will be opened in the future
    • However, the scope of services will be limited for LOTTE NEW YORK PALACE, LOTTE City Hotel Tashkent Palace, LOTTE HOTEL SAMARA, VLADIVOSTOK, and LOTTE Sky Hill C.C(Buyeo, Jeju, Gimhae)
  • 3. “LOTTE Duty Free Shops” in these Terms and Conditions refer to those in Korea and are not applicable to branches and online duty free shops in other countries.
  • 4. The reward points from LOTTE HOTEL Rewards used in these Terms and Conditions shall be referred to as LH Points.
  • 5. Changes may be made to privileges and special benefits for members and the point system in accordance with internal circumstances or changes in partnership related to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS or its affiliates, when such changes are acknowledged as necessary. Members shall be notified in advance regarding the reason for the change and the changed items through at least 2 of the following methods: website, written notice or e-mail. However, if changes are unavoidable due to reasons such as an affiliate’s unilateral change in partnership conditions or bankruptcy, natural disaster, or sudden changes in the business environment, members may be notified after the fact. If members do not present any objection within 1 month of receiving the notice of change, this will be regarded as an act of giving consent to the changed Terms and Conditions. Members wishing to withdraw from the program may still use their existing points for 1 year after the date of the change in Terms and Conditions. Any points remaining after the end of this withdrawal process will expire.
  • 6. If LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS terminates This Program, it must be announced on the membership website and hotel website at least 6 months before termination. At least 1 e-mail shall be sent to all members notifying them of this fact.
  • 7. The points remaining at the 1 year mark after the notification of This Program's termination will automatically expire and all privileges and services will no longer be offered.
  • 8. The interpretation of all regulations and exemptions regarding the program will be interpreted reasonably in accordance with relevant laws and commercial practices.
  • 9. If any part of the application and membership rules regarding This Program violates the compulsory laws of the applicant or member’s residential area, the application for membership may be canceled for the relevant member.
  • 10. These Terms and Conditions have referenced international practices and have been composed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.
  • 11. The court of jurisdiction for the 1st trial over any conflicts that arise regarding these Terms and Conditions will be the court of jurisdiction over the member’s place of residence or business in South Korea. However, if the member does not have a place of residence or business in South Korea, the court of jurisdiction for the 1st trial will be the Seoul Central District Court.

Article 2 Membership Registration and Account Creation

  • 1. Individuals of at least 19 years old may register as a member for free, and each member will be given one membership number and account.
  • 2. Members may only have one membership account. Should there be multiple accounts, all except one membership account (selected at random) will be deleted. The points on the deleted accounts will be merged into the remaining membership account.
  • 3. The membership card may be printed through LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS website, mobile application, or an image of the card may be downloaded and used accordingly.
  • 4. During registration, members may select whether to disclose their personal information to 3rd parties. If consent is not given, points for LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS' partner hotels, resorts and affiliated companies, LOTTE Duty Free Shops, etc. cannot be used and other affiliate services cannot be offered.
  • 5. Members cannot randomly dispose of points, special benefits, and various privileges that are earned and offered through This Program. They cannot be sold or transferred to others for any reason whatsoever, aside from inheritance or succession, and may not be offered for the right to pledge or other such purposes.

Article 3 Membership Rights and Cancellation

  • 1. Members have the right to ask LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS regarding various privileges, special programs, and earned points at any time, and LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS may inform the member of matters regarding changes to the program, useful hotel and resorts information, and the member's earned points through methods that they deem appropriate. However, for notifications via post, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS holds no responsibility for any disadvantages experienced by the member as a result of loss or delay of mail.
  • 2. If any changes are made to the address or other member information, members are obligated to notify LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS. The member will be responsible for any disadvantages they experience for their failure to notify the fact or provide the changed information.
  • 3. Points will expire 3 years after the year they were earned. However, membership rights will remain effective until the member withdraws, and if the member withdraws for reasons not attributable to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, all unused points until the point of withdrawal will expire once the withdrawal is effective. Expired points cannot be restored, and will be unavailable for use once they expire.
  • 4. If a member violates the program’s rules or terms through behaviors such as selling member benefits, LOTTE HOTEL Rewards vouchers, etc. without a legitimate reason or takes part in illegal acts that violate other laws, ordinances, etc., LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS may terminate the member’s rights.
  • 5. The termination of member rights in Article 3 and 4 refers to the expiration of earned points and the termination of various privileges and use of special benefits.
  • 6. The personal information of members who do not use LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS’ services by not logging into the website for 1 year will be separated and stored, in accordance with the Personal Information Effective Term of Article 29 Paragraph 2 of the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network and protection of information, and such members may receive limited services.

Article 4 Points Earned

  • 1. Members may earn points according to the program’s terms and regulations. Points cannot be earned separately through multiple numbers, and the points earned with one membership number may not be transferred to or exchanged with that of another membership number belonging to a different owner.
  • 2. Points are rewarded according to the accumulation rate (worth 3-6% of the amount paid) of the member's level for the cost of rooms and food and beverages charged to the room, by exchanging the incurred costs into US Dollars after the member's stay. In this case, a separate USD exchange rate that is used by the hotel will be applied, and this exchange rate will be informed through the LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS’ website.
  • 3. 100 points are worth USD 1.
  • 4. When points are calculated after the member stays at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS in person, the points earned are limited to amounts that were fully and directly paid by the member at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS after presenting their membership number. Points will only be rewarded for food and beverages if the amount was charged to the room, and points will not be rewarded if only food and beverages are purchased.
  • 5. A person must be a registered member in order to earn points, and there must be evidence that they paid for their stay at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS. Points will not be rewarded for purchases made prior to becoming a registered member.
  • 6. The following items are exempt from point accumulation.
    • ① Free charges, internet charges from other companies, travel agency rates, airline employee rates, travel agency employee rates, special rates for employees of LOTTE HOTELS, group rates for organizations, receptions, or associations, contract room rates (rooms that were reserved for long-term use for a set period of time that was discussed between corporations, government agencies, or individuals through a written agreement for a settled price)
    • ② Amounts that the member did not directly pay at the hotel (namely, all charges paid to a travel agency, convention, or other organization, fees paid to 3rd parties, etc.)
    • ③ Other fees including fees for using the phone or mobile phone in rooms, fees for using the laundry, paid TV, or business center, fees for purchasing internet or retail products, taxes, labor fees, and transportation fees
    • ④ Fees for getting a rental car, massage, etc. from businesses and additional facilities, fees for food and beverages from shops not under hotel management
    • ⑤ Fees for using the fitness center, sauna, spa, or casino
    • ⑥ Fees for using trial programs in the hotel and resort
    • ⑦ Fees for free-incentive package trips, outside service fees for free accommodations and food and beverages, or all reception fees
    • ⑧ Vouchers and coupons sold by travel agencies
    • ⑨ Membership fees and card purchases for all special programs that are managed and run by membership at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS such as the fitness center and Trevi Club, and purchase amounts for hotel gift certificates, buffet tickets, and other vouchers
    • ⑩ Amounts used for other guests aside from the member
  • 7. If the member stays at the hotel, points will be rewarded for up to 3 room stays for the same day. However, rooms must be reserved under the member's name, the member must be the one staying in the rooms, and the full cost of all rooms must be paid for through one statement. The number of days stayed in one room by the member, number of times used, and the room charge amount are applied to level calculation points.
  • 8. Points are rewarded the day after payment. However, for amounts paid at LOTTE City Hotel Kinshicho and LOTTE RESORT (Buyeo, Sokcho, Jeju Artvillas), points will be rewarded within 10 usiness days from the payment date.
  • 9. If 2 or more people stay in 1 room, point rewards will be limited to 1 member that actually stayed after making the reservation.
  • 10. Points are not rewarded for portions that were paid with points.
  • 11. If the member was unable to earn points because they did not present their membership number, they may request points through LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS’ website within 6 months of the payment date, and points will be rewarded thereafter.
  • 12. Earned points cannot be duplicated with airline mileage (earn points by selection)
  • 13. Points are only applicable when the regulated charge is paid after staying at LOTTE HOTELS (Seoul, World (Jamsil, Seoul), Busan, Jeju, Ulsan, Hanoi, Legend Saigon, Guam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yangon), L7 (Myeongdong, Gangnam, Hongdae), LOTTE City Hotels (Guro, Seoul Mapo, Myeongdong, Daejeon, Jeju, Ulsan, Kishincho), and LOTTE RESORTS (Buyeo, Sokcho, Jeju Artvillas, Arai). Points will not be rewarded for purchases at LOTTE Duty Free Shops, overseas partner hotels, and other affiliate stores.
  • 14. The points offered cannot be exchanged, transferred, or sold in advance. However, if the member passes away, earned points may be inherited and rights may be transferred to immediate family members only (with submission of documentation) in accordance to legal procedures or customs.
  • 15. Points that are sold or transferred, as an act of violating the rules of This Program, will be canceled or forfeited.

Article 5 Use of Points

  • 1. If points are used at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS and LOTTE Duty Free Shops, members must present their LOTTE HOTEL Rewards card (temporary card, mobile card) or photo ID and notify the representative that points will be used.
  • 2. Points may be used for rooms and food and beverages at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS if at least 1,000 points (USD 10) are accumulated, and items may be purchased at LOTTE Duty Free Shops in Korea if at least 10,000 points (USD 100) are accumulated (Internet duty free shops not included; for selected brands and items only).
  • 3. If points are to be used for food and beverages in regions outside of Korea, a voucher must be issued through the LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS’ website beforehand.
  • 4. For food and beverages, points and vouchers can only be used in stores that are directly managed under LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, and points and vouchers cannot be used if the food and beverages are from stores not under hotel management.
  • 5. LOTTE HOTEL Rewards vouchers can be issued only by the member through the company website for usage, and the type of voucher (denomination units), membership number, member name, and user name must be stated when applying for the voucher.
  • 6. The issued voucher will expire 1 year after the date of issue.
  • 7. Issued vouchers cannot be canceled and will be automatically expired if they are not used before the expiration date. Expired vouchers are invalid.
  • 8. Members may apply for a voucher to be issued by designating a user in advance or transfer their LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Voucher to another person in the same way. The LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Voucher can only be used by the user stated on the voucher. After the LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Voucher has been issued, it can only be used at the designated usage location. If the usage location is at a partner hotel, the member must directly make a reservation with the hotel at which they wish to use the voucher. LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS is not responsible for any matters related to the reservation of hotels to be used.
  • 9. When a LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Voucher is used, ID must be presented with the LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Voucher in order to verify that it is the user stated on the voucher. If the user cannot be identified, the voucher cannot be used.
  • 10. If a LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Voucher is used in LOTTE Duty Free Shops in Korea, a single voucher cannot be split up for use in multiple shops. If an item purchased at a duty free shop is returned, it cannot be refunded in cash. Only points will be rewarded back within 10 business days.
  • 11. LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or sold, and vouchers acquired through these means cannot be used.
  • 12. Any remaining balances on a LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Voucher, after its usage, cannot be refunded or returned to points.
  • 13. Deducted points or used vouchers cannot be returned or canceled as long as there is no fault attributable to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS.
  • 14. LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS is not responsible for lost or stolen LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Vouchers.
  • 15. Hotels and other affiliate stores at which LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Vouchers can be used may be substituted after a notification, if necessary in accordance with internal circumstances or changes related to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS or its affiliates before or after the fact.
  • 16. LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Vouchers will lose their efficacy in regions where they are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law.

Article 6 Point Donation

  • 1. Members may donate their LOTTE HOTEL Rewards points to a charity affiliated with LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS. The charity affiliated with LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS is the Korean Committee for UNICEF. The charity may change according to circumstances and such changes will be announced through the website.
  • 2. Members may donate points in denominations of 1,000 points (USD 10), 5,000 points (USD 50), and 10,000 points (USD 100), and may donate through the company website.
  • 3. After the points are donated, the relevant conversion record cannot be reverted or nullified.
  • 4. A receipt for the donated points for income tax deduction will not be issued due to legal issues regarding collection of personal identification information, such as resident registration numbers.

Article 7 Membership Levels and Special Benefits

  • 1. Membership levels are divided into 4 levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Classic.
  • 2. Members will be granted the Classic membership rights upon membership registration.
  • 3. Maintaining or upgrading membership level must satisfy the conditions prescribed by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS.
  • 4. LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS calculates membership level as follows, based on the points used over 1 year for the number of days stayed, number of times the member stayed, and the amount paid for rooms.
    This is converted into US Dollars and your membership level is adjusted as below. To be counted, at least 1 of 3 requirements must be met.
    제 7 조 회원 등급 및 특전 안내
    Number of times stayed - 3 10 20
    Number of days stayed - 7 25 50
    Amount paid for rooms - $2,000 $7,000 $15,000
  • 5. Level adjustments are divided into upgrades, maintenance, and demotions.
  • 6. Level evaluations and adjustments are reflected during the 1st week of each year based on the usage records for 1 year from January 1 to December 31.
  • 7. Membership levels will be kept until December 31 of the same year.
  • 8. Special benefits for each level are as follows.
    • (1) Classic Level
      • ① Rewards points equal to 3% of the amount charged
    • (2) Silver Level
      • ① 3% value of the amount charged + 50% additional reward (Rewards points equal to 4.5% of the amount charged)
      • ② Reservations exclusively for Rewards members
      • ③ 10% laundry discount
      • ③ 1 USD 10 Special Gift (USD 10 X 1EA)
    • (3) Gold Level
      • ① 3% value of the amount charged + 75% additional reward (rewards points equal to 5.25% of the amount charged)
      • ② Reservations exclusively for Rewards members
      • ③ Welcome amenities provided during hotel stays
      • ④ 5% discount on food and beverages
      • ⑤ 15% laundry discount
      • ⑤ 1 USD 50 Special Gift (USD 50 X 1EA)
      • ⑦ 1 complimentary pass to the Club Lounge for an accompanying guest upon staying in a Club Room (must be 14 years or older)
      • ⑧ Room upgrade (this offer depends on room availability at the time of check-in. Suite rooms are excluded)
    • (4) Platinum Level
      • ① 3% value of the amount charged + 100% additional reward (rewards points equal to 6% of the amount charged)
      • ② Reservations exclusively for Rewards members
      • ③ Welcome amenities provided during hotel stays
      • ④ 1 complimentary accommodation (1 night) per year (1 Point will be deducted)
      • ⑤ 10% discount on food and beverages
      • ⑥ 20% laundry discount
      • ⑦ 2 USD 50 Special Gift (USD 50 X 2EA)
      • ⑧ 1 complimentary pass to the Club Lounge for an accompanying guest upon staying in a Club Room (must be 14 years or older)
      • ⑨ Room upgrade (This offer depends on room availability at the time of check-in. Suite rooms are excluded)
      • ⑩ 3:00 PM late check-out (if this offer is unavailable due to hotel circumstances, 1,000 LH Points will be compensated)
    • (5) General Benefits for All Levels
      • ① 10% discount in Naru at LOTTE City Hotel Mapo and Gimpo Airport (For self only/Breakfast excluded)
      • ② 50% discount at LOTTE Resort Buyeo's Aqua Garden and sauna. 10% discount at Bondimaseul. (For self only)
      • ③ 5-10% discount at LOTTE Duty Free Shops in Korea (limited to some brands and items)
      • ④ 10% discount on flights in Korea through Asiana Airlines (excludes some routes and periods)
      • *Please call 1588-8000 (Asiana Airlines) for inquiries regarding the above benefit.
    • ※ The benefits from (1)-(4) are offered during the stay at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS. Complimentary welcome amenities may be received at 5-Star hotels. Food and beverages, and laundry discounts are limited to shops under hotel management.
    • ※ Vouchers can be used toward rooms at LOTTE HOTELS and LOTTE RESORTS or at food and beverage shops under hotel management. If vouchers are unused, or if there is a balance remaining after use, this balance will not be refunded or converted back into points.
    • ※ The room upgrade benefit offers a room at a higher grade than the room reserved by the member (Club Rooms and Suite Rooms are excluded). Upgrade may not be offered depending on room availability.
    • ※ Room upgrade is not available for LOTTE RESORTS (Buyeo, Sokcho, and Jeju Art Villas).
    • ※ Club Lounge services are only available at hotels that have a Club Lounge or Executive Lounge.
    • ※ The free accommodation voucher that is given at the PL level can only be used by the member. Advance reservations are required upon use, and the free accommodation voucher must be presented upon checking in. The complimentary accommodation voucher will expire on December 31 of the year it was issued.
    • ※ The late check-out service is limited to Signiel and 5-Star hotels, and is not offered at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU in July and August. If this service is unavailable due to hotel circumstances, 1,000 Points will be compensated.
    • ※ All special benefits are provided only in a member’s room.
    • ※ The above services and benefits may be unavailable or substituted with other services according to the situation of the accommodating hotel.
  • 9. Members may receive other special benefits offered by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS for members, and all benefits and participating affiliate stores may change after a notification, if necessary in accordance with internal circumstances or changes related to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS or its affiliates before or after the fact.
  • 10. The membership number must be stated when making a reservation at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS in order to receive LOTTE HOTEL Rewards benefits, and the membership card or a photo ID must be presented when staying in hotel rooms or using affiliate stores.
  • 11. The special benefits offered to members by partner hotels, which excludes LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, may differ from the above, and will adhere to what is determined by each hotel.

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Dates of enforcement : 28, May 2019

The terms and conditions of LOTTE HOTEL Rewards membership Program will apply from 28, May 2019.