Art Collection Night Mind #1, Night Mind #2
  • Artist
    Labadiou Piko
  • Media
    Acrylic, Oil Bar and Oil Pastel on Canvas
  • Location
    L7 HONGDAE 21F
  • Description of the Work

    At the reception desk on the 21st floor of L7 HONGDAE, a panoramic view of Hongdae afforded through glass is accompanied by an eye-catching pair of sensational paintings. They are the works of Indonesian artist Iabadiou Piko, which exhibit a carefree spirit akin to a child doodling with crayons. Using oil pastels and other media, the paintings capture the feeling of a particular place and time.

    As the title indicates, Night Mind is reminiscent of an eclectic and exciting nighttime adventure consisting of various stories told by the vivid lines and colors of yellow, blue, orange, and white on black canvas. Hotel visitors viewing the works as they wait to check in or out can amuse themselves by finding various shapes and images hidden in the canvas by the artist. By producing, mixing and connecting various creations within his works, the artist stimulates the creative imagination of the viewer.

  • About the Artist

    Indonesian-born artist Iabadiou Piko majored in photography at the Academic Design of Vision Yogyakarta (ADVY) and studied painting on his own after graduating. Inspired by the people he meets and the places he visits, his intuitive works are reminiscent of eclectic and emotional adventures. He has held solo exhibitions at the Galerie Michael Janssen in Berlin, Nunu Fine Art in Taiwan, Hatch Art Project in Singapore, and Art Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He remains active today, with recent group exhibitions at Nunu Fine Art in Taiwan, Nova Contemporary in Thailand and The Shophouse in Hong Kong. He was also a resident artist for Ware House 421 in the United Arab Emirates, Luzhunan Historical House in Taiwan, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space in Indonesia, and 1335Mabini in the Philippines.

Lee Kwang-ho (b. 1981, Republic of Korea)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Metal Art and Design, Hongik University