Please refer to the following information on tax refunds.
Period : 2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31
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1. Payments must be made directly to the hotel to be eligible for a tax refund.
* Tax refund is available for bookings made trough the hotel website or a travel agency
as long as the tax refund recipient has paid for the accommodation directly at the hotel.
2. Payment should be made with a personal credit card (corporate credit cards excluded).
3. For a stay that is less than 30 days.
4. For guests whose departure must be within 3 months from the check-out date.
5. For independent travelers only (not group travelers).
6. For foreigners who stay in Korea for less than 6 months.
7. Only applies to room rates (not to expenses on food, beverage, service charges, and etc.).
8. For overseas Korean guests, they should have lived abroad for more than 2 years and should stay in Korea for less than 3 months.