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Drawing John Lennon, a man more beautiful than music
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  • Period 2018-12-06 ~ 2019-03-10 11:00~19:00(Closed every last Monday of the month)
  • place 2nd Floor, Hangaram Art Gallery, Seoul Arts Center
  • Ticket 15,000 KRW
  • Homepage https://imaginejohnlennon.modoo.at ※ Check the details on the official website as changes may occur.

The Seoul Arts Center will be hosting an exhibition featuring the short but colorful life of John Lennon, the greatest artist in history and the leader of The Beatles. The Imagine John Lennon Exhibition, to be held until March 10 of next year at the Hangaram Art Museum of the Seoul Arts Center, interprets John Lennon’s life through music, art, and love. The exhibition showcases his footsteps and brings the messages he intended to deliver through artistic creation.

This exhibition, the first and largest in Asia, showcases John Lennon’s life into 4 sections in chronological order. The first section, “Imagine - The Liverpool Boy Who Met Music” looks back on John Lennon’s 40-year life. His parents divorced when he was five for financial reasons and his mother forfeited child custody, sending John to live with his aunt. To overcome his unfortunate childhood, he wrote poems and drew pictures and eventually came to attend the Liverpool School of Art and Design. The second section, “Hey Jude - the start of his second love” tells his love story with Ono Yoko, who filled the void of his mother. You can reenact the Bed-Ins For Peace yourself, the anti-war protest held by John and Yoko in the late 1960s.

The third section, “Darling Boy - Poetry-writing, Painting and Singing Dad, Sea Elephant,” features artworks by John Lennon as an artist, not a musician. The witty and imaginative artworks by John, who majored in visual arts at the Liverpool School of Art and Design, are highly recognized for their artistry and displayed at the New York MoMA as a permanent collection. The final section, ‘Power to the People - Give Peace a Chance’ is a reminder of John Lennon's message of anti-war and peace. The section recreates his iconic anti-war campaign “War is Over.” At the listening room, you can listen to Imagine, a collection of his messages. The section will also showcase more than 340 photographs and keepsakes of John Lennon's exclusive photographers Bob Gruen and Allan Tannenbaum, as well as the piano John Lennon played on.