Art Selection FLOWING
  • Artist
    Jin-Young Kim
  • Media
    Oil on canvas
  • Location
  • Description of the Work

    Kim Jin-Young's series is an extension of the more vibrant non-figurative work , portraying flowers and nature. The series' works of abstractly express floral images, evoking a subtle sense of wonder with lines and colors that seem to belong to an unknown realm when observed quietly.
    In contrast, this seems to evoke a certain conclusion or word with the curves and beautiful hues the artist portrays. Whether resembling a gust of wind, undulating waves, a gentle breath, or the arrival of spring... and a decisive end. Looking at the series of works in , which captures an indescribable hue of conclusion, one can deeply feel the undulations of their inner self.

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  • About the Artist

    With the consistent theme of "花夢遊泳," Jinyoung Kim has contained stories of life in various ways regardless of genre. In a way that forms and abstractions are mixed, human life and life have been expressed metaphorically through the shape and growth of organisms. This work is also an extension of this work.

Jin-Young Kim (b. 1972)
  • Keimyung University College of Fine Art –
    Oriental Painting-BFA Graduate school of Keimyung University,