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Kids Lounge

Located on the 8th floor of LOTTE HOTEL WORLD, the Kids Lounge is a children’s play area exclusively for guests.
Enjoy media content and books to stimulate children’s imagination.
Experience a diverse array of content at the Kids Lounge, where kids can sharpen their senses.
Period : 2023-07-01 - 2023-12-31
Event Detail

• Grand Re-Opening : 23/07/01

• Location : Lotte Hotel World 8F

• Operating Hours : 09:00 - 18:00 (Break Time: 12:00 - 13:00)

• Eligibility : Preschool children aged between 25 months and 6 years accompanied by parents (All guests)

• Inquiries : 02-419-7000

Kids Lounge

• Information:

1) Facilities : Lounge Zone, Edu-Play Zone, Creative Zone

2) Guest Participation Program : Kids English Art Experience

- Users : Character & Suite room guests only

- Programs : Art English , Music English, Kids Yoga English

- Time : 3 times a day on weekends (Saturday to Sunday)

※ Reservations for the 'Kids English Art Experience' will be made upon Check-in.

  • It is closed on the last Tuesday of every month.
  • Up to 40 guests, including accompanying guardians, can be accommodated. Waiting may be required if capacity is exceeded.
  • The Kids Lounge is a hotel facility for the children of hotel guests.
  • It is available for children aged 2 to 7 to use with their guardians, and the guardians are responsible for the safety of the children.
  • Please use your room key card for admission.
  • Due to limited stroller storage space, we kindly request that you leave it in your room if possible.
  • Please store your shoes in the shoe rack upon entry.
  • Please be careful to prevent any safety accidents or lost items. The hotel does not assume legal responsibility for such incidents.
  • All play items and books in the lounge are only available for use within the lounge, and we kindly ask you to put them back in their designated places after use.
  • No food or drink allowed inside the lounge, so we kindly request your cooperation.
  • For safety purposes, we employ professional sanitation services to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Security cameras (CCTV) are being recorded 24/7.
  • Please understand that there may be some inconvenience during the operation of kids' programs in the lounge.
  • If you need assistance during use, please use the house phone to reach guest services.