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L7 Gangnam-Magazine-Art at L7-My Atelier

Artist Yoo Seon-Tae

My Atelier (9F Coin laundry entrance)
2018/05/24 ~ 2019/12/31

The artist draws the sky first, as if creating a new world within the artwork. He draws the sky and clouds so nature can breathe. Unlike the sun, which symbolizes religious truth by offering a source of light, the clouds resemble art that freely interprets the world, distorting the light of truth. A pot filled with the life and death of nature, a phonograph that conveys the language of sound, and a book containing visual language float around the artist`s atelier as it moves beyond time and space.

The artist draws an “unending picture” that expresses the past, present, and future all in one screen. Our memory is incomplete, so we sometimes forget even important memories. The artist feels regret over this and tries to present complete memories, though they may only exist in a work of art. “Old objects pull our present selves into memories of the past. The past, present, and future are connected anew, as if time has stopped.”Just as the artist has stated, we hope that you will recall forgotten memories of time with precious people while looking at old books and phonographs that symbolize words and writings.

L7 Gangnam-Magazine-Art book, Modern Times

Artist Seo Yu-Ra

Art book, Modern Times
2018/05/23 ~ 2019/12/31

The two paintings made with books, found on the wall of the gym entrance, are by artist Seo Yura. Through her use of this medium, she has constantly explored humans’ ability to synthesize. Books, often drawn by the artist, collect strands of knowledge that float throughout time into a single whole. In this way, they represent what the artist considers a way of life.

L7 Gangnam-Magazine-Now, to Here

Artist Bang Young-Chul

Now, to Here
2018/05/23 ~ 2019/12/31

In the lounge, visitors will find a work by Bang Young Chul, composed of a mirror and a table. This work, entitled “Now, to Here,” expresses both reality and ideals, hope and happiness. The material of the flower petal inside the mirror is crystal, symbolizing eternity.

L7 Gangnam-Magazine-An aggregation

Artist Bahk Seon-Ghi

An aggregation
2018/05/23 ~ 2019/12/31

Artist Bahk Seon-Ghi used a Korean-style medium, charcoal, for his work, ”An Aggregation”, located on the wall of the LP desk. The work expresses a circular meaning and reproduces the irregular shape of its charcoal material. The work shows how one solid shape is constructed through condensation of numerous individual units of quadrilaterals. It is a creative work that forms a new logic within disorder.

L7 Gangnam-Magazine-Artist Han Young-Soo

Artist Han Young-Soo

Artist Han Young-Soo
2018/05/23 ~ 2019/12/31

The photographs displayed in the elevator hall on the 1st floor are works by photographer Han Youngsoo. These photographs from times long ago are stylish even today. The scenes in the photographs are quite different from the Teheran-ro of the present, which is filled with skyscrapers, but it is interesting to see how Seoul looked just 50 to 60 years ago. At that time, the site of L7 Gangnam was an undeveloped area with only rice paddies and farms surrounding the Seonjeongneung. Unlike the present, it was incredibly quiet and tranquil.