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Careers FAQ

You may still apply, even if your major is not related to the position you are applying for. 
However, some positions may require working knowledge of relevant fields. It is also important to show your passion for the position and development potential during the interview.

Graduates and prospective graduates may apply for both internships and official recruitment positions, and there are no disadvantages for doing so.

We openly hire new recruits twice a year: from March to April in the first half and from September to October in the second half. 
Through regular large-scale open recruitment, we strive to create jobs for youth and increase employment, as well as fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

There is no restriction or discrimination due to age or gender, in accordance with relevant laws. Job opportunities at Lotte Hotels are wide open to anyone. 
Apply with confidence and believe that the position is the job for you.

You can apply through the Lotte Hotels homepage (http://www.lottehotel.com) or the Lotte Group recruitment homepage (http://job.lotte.co.kr).