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L7 Hongdae - Art at L7- beommin writer

Artist Beom Min

Artist Beom Min
2018/05/25 ~ 2019/12/31

The sensuous graffiti on the 1st floor platform is by Beom Min (BFMIN), an artist famous not only in Korea but around the world. The artwork makes you feel like you are on the streets of Hongdae from the moment you enter the hotel.

L7 Hongdae - art at L7-Library collaboration

Library collaboration

Customer Experience Factors
2018/05/24 ~ 2019/12/31

“1984,” a publishing house, has participated in the lounge’s library zone. “1984” is a 3rd generation brand, following in the footsteps of Heemang Publishing, founded in 1951, and Hye Won Publishing, founded in 1977. It has been a long-standing publishing house in the Hongdae district since its 2nd generation. “1984” was influenced by George Orwell`s novel “1984,” criticizing cultural totalitarianism, and it also shows our will to mobilize for cultural regeneration.

The company’s core is based on art, music, fashion, and life. Their philosophy is to engage in cultural communication through the production of content related to cultural elements and collaborations with the brands and artists that interact with them. Thus, they have formed a relationship with L7, and we decided to create a library zone that would be a place for more culturally diverse activities. You can encounter cultural art books curated directly by 1984 every quarter.

L7 Hongdae - art at L7-Music Collaboration

Music Collaboration

Customer Experience Factors
2018/05/24 ~ 2019/12/31

The L7 Hongdae LP Collection is a collection of “music that inspires”, selected by five people representing the Hongdae music scene from the 90`s up to the formation of the area’s current underground scene. Use the turntable to listen to the music they recommend and experience as generations criss-cross through past and present.

1) Seong Ki Wan
A member of ”3rd Line Butterfly”, a poet, and music critic. In the mid-1990s, he pioneered ”Soran”, which is seen as the origin of Korean rock festivals, and spread the underground music of Korea through his band, music magazines, books, movie soundtracks, performances, and exhibitions, right up until 2016. Currently, he is working as a fusion art and sound art professor, and has also formed the project group ”ASSA”.

2) Han Kyungrok
As the bassist of ”Crying Nut”, one of Hongdae`s first punk rock bands, Han Kyungrok inspired a new generation of punk rock in Korea. Since his debut in 1996, he has been the eternal captain of the Hongdae music scene and still actively takes part in many music events. Han Kyungrok is the man behind ”Kyungrok Day”, which is considered one of the three main festive days in the Hongdae area, alongside Christmas and Halloween. A big event is held on his birthday every year in February.

3) Cha Seung Woo
A Rock and Roll legend who has been active as an original member and guitarist of the punk rock band “No Brain.” He was awarded the Best New Actor Award with the movie “Go Go 70s” and currently is the guitarist of the band “The Monotones.” He is a legendary musician of the Hongdae scene.

4) Ko Geon Hyuk (Manager Gom)
Manager Gom is the representative of the indie record company “Bunga Bunga Record”, which dreams of sustainable DoReMi. With a unique system and independent methods, the company produced the first albums of “Kiha & The Faces” and “Broccoli, You Too” which caused a sensation in the mainstream music scene. As a representative of Korea`s independent music label, they continue to perform new musical experiments. Musicians including Se So Neon, Kim Ganji and Ha Heonjin, Silica Gel, Amado LeeJaram Band, Jeon Kisung, Nunco Band, Lowdown 30, Cosmos Sound, Kim Daejoon, etc. are active in the company.

5) Sae, So Hyun
“The newest wave in front of us now.” A 3-piece band including Gangto (drums), Moon Fancy (bass), and Hwang Soyoon (vocals/guitar) formed in 2016. They began performing mainly at clubs around Hongdae. There, they gathered subject matter before releasing sound recordings that captured extraordinary performances. They are spreading the style of “Sae Seo Nyeon” with a lo-fi and vintage feel, attractive tones, and music that crosses various genres such as blues, psychedelic rock, and synthpop.

L7 Hongdae - Art at L7- Lee, Kwang - Ho writer

Artist Lee Kwang-Ho

Knot-beyond the inevitable
2018/05/24 ~ 2019/12/31

On the 21st floor of L7 Hongdae, enjoy the works of artist Lee Kwangho through his “Knot-beyond the Inevitable” series that began in 2006. Lee Kwang-Ho’s artwork, made with red ropes hanging from the ceiling of the restaurant and Blue Roof Lounge, is considered to draw out the beauty of creation through materials that are beyond value. Lee Kwang-Ho is a star designer and artist who, for the past 11 years, has created a variety of works using lighting, furniture, and space, all inspired by his own unshakable world views.

Considered as one of his masterpieces, the “Knot Series” is created using only the elements (rope, electricity, and a light bulb) required for lighting. His work is new and at the same time familiar, due to his use of materials that are commonly found in everyday life. It also creates a strange beauty by bringing unfamiliar materials into design.