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Cafe He:on at Lotte Hotel Jeju is located right in front of the all-season outdoor spa pool "He:on" so that you can take a break after enjoying the water.


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    Garden 1F
Lotte Hotel Jeju-Dining-Bar & Lounge-Cafe He:on


09:30~23:00 (May - October)
10:00~22:00 (November - April)


Try the diverse menu with refreshing drinks.


[ Food Menu ]
Tomato bun panini with pork : 25,000
Homemade fried boneless chicken leg (300g) and french fries: 35,000
Jeju tangerine cream cheese pizza : 35,000
Margherita pizza : 32,000
Bowl of rice topped with Korean beef : 30,000
Lobster ddeokbokki (Stir-fried rice cakes) : 30,000
Crunch cut french fries : 24,000

[ Noodles]
Lobster with Spicy seafood noodles soup : 39,000
Black bean noodles with beef : 20,000
Nabe udon : 25,000

All prices are in Korean won(KRW) and inclusive of service charge and VAT.


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