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He:on with four seasons

Get a healing relaxation that satisfies your five senses from Lotte Hotel Jeju’s He:on Spa & Garden with four seasons of warmness. Just like its name He: (ocean) and on (warmth), all-season outdoor spa pool resembles the nature of Jeju so much. Enjoy the warm swimming pool in the starry night and take a walk in an exotic garden that perfectly harmonizes with Jeju nature - then you will be experiencing the best rest in the world you’ve dreamed of!


  • Type
    Spa & Garden
  • Location
    Garden 1F
  • Hours
    09:00~23:00 (May~October)
    09:30~23:00 (November~April)


• He:on Spa
The warmth of He:on adds romantic touch to poolside fun. The water temperature is maintained at 29-32℃ for fun in the water all year round.

• He:on Healing Jacuzzi
Enjoy the relaxing spa in steaming healing jacuzzis (water temperature 35-38℃) and warm your body and mind.

• He:on Kids Pool
Featuring a water slide and LED floor fountain, the Kids Pool is a safe place for kids to have water splashing fun.

•Café He:on
-Comfortable and nice poolside café
-Various snacks and beverages offered
※ operating hours : 10:00~22:00

• Private Cabana
-The best cabana equipped with 42” TV, state-of-the-art sounding system, and comfortable sofa bed
-Watch the kids playing in the water at the cabana near Kids Pool and enjoy dining service

※ Guests for the package programs should make a reservation separately to access to cabana in the evening time.
• Available only to hotel staying guests.
• Spa guests should wear swimsuit.

[ Safety ]
- Children under 130 cm must wear a life jacket and be accompanied by a guardian.
- The pool may close without prior notice due to weather conditions.
- Please keep valuables in your room or store them inside the safety box at the He:on front desk.
Pursuant to Article 153 of the Commercial Law, we are not responsible for any lost valuables that were not stored in the safety box.
- Please do not run or dive around the spa pool as it is slippery.
- For your safety, please follow the lifeguard’s instructions.

[ Equipment ]
- Use of flippers, tubes over 1 m long (flamingos, dolphins, beds, etc.), snorkeling equipment, tubes with roofs, and kick boards are prohibited.
- There is a life jacket for children (4 to 6 years old).

[ Attire ]
- You must wear a swimsuit (beachwear or rash guard) to enter the pool.
- Infants should wear a waterproof diaper.

[ Etiquette ]
- Please shower before entering the pool to maintain the cleanliness of the water.
- You may be restricted from entering the pool when using sun tan oil or other tanning products.
- Water shoes can not be worn in the swimming pool for safety and hygiene.

[ Food and Beverage ]
- Outside food and beverages are restricted.
- If you have allergies, please let the staff know when ordering your food.

• Lotte Hotel’s “Think Nature”
- As part of the environmental protection campaign, there is a limited number of outdoor swimming pool towels and gowns.
- Up to 3 towels are provided once per room, and you can return used towels to exchange with new towels.
- 1 winter bathrobe will be provided per person (until April 30, 2019).
- Please return used towels and gowns to the front desk or the towel collection box for next users.

* He:on Water Replacement and Cleaning Period: March 25 - 30, 2019 (6 days), June 24 - 25, 2019 (2 days), October 30 - 31, 2019 (2 days)
- Please be advised that He:on heated pool will be closed during these periods.


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