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Signature cakes from the LOTTE HOTEL pastry team

The LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW official online store is presenting exclusive signature cakes from the LOTTE pastry team.

Our masterful pastry artists have carefully created the most exquisite textures, chosen optimal flavour combinations, and scrupulously executed their innovative recipes. The result is a selection of sweet masterpieces, inspired by tradition and perfected with modern confectionery technologies.

LOTTE cakes are prepared with natural ingredients of the highest quality, and everything is made from scratch. Each of the three branded cakes is the perfect centerpiece for events of all kinds, from boisterous celebrations to romantic dates and friendly meetings, filling even an ordinary day with special joy. Upon checkout, a complementary card can be added to cake orders, as can requests for small inscriptions on the cake.


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The lounge bar
A distinctive feature of our honey cake is, naturally, the excellent honey within the cake batter itself. For this iconic cake, we chose buckwheat honey, for its rich taste and expressive aroma. Soft, airy cake layers are sandwiched between two types of cream: one with boiled condensed milk, and the other with whipped sour cream. The cake’s fragrant sweetness together with the frosting’s caramel and tart notes makes every bite a special pleasure. Decorated with white chocolate honeycombs and bees, our Medovik is available for purchase in the traditional wooden gift box, in true a la russe form.
The lounge bar
Lush and light, this cake’s elegant summertime appearance instantly lifts the mood! Pistachio and raspberries are the perfect combination, especially when matched with light meringue cake, topped with crushed pistachio and mascarpone cheese. The cake’s centre contains raspberry jelly, a delicious complement to the sweet pistachio sponge and tart berries, united by delicate buttercream with the intoxicating aroma of bourbon vanilla. This cake is decorated with fresh raspberries and handmade chocolate pistachios.
The lounge bar
Warm seaside holidays served as the inspiration for this delicate dessert with hints of tantalising spice. Sweet and sour passion fruit mousse is layered with thin sponge cake seasoned with mango puree and masala spices for a special exotic taste. The cake is topped with delicate mascarpone buttercream and zesty, spiced pineapple chutney. This festive treat is full of flavour.
signature cake
Our chocolate mousse cake with mango, passion fruit, and pineapple is a modern classic that never ceases to amaze. Bright chocolate flavours are complemented by playful notes of exotic fruits from distant islands—a real gastronomic journey!
For a lighter and even more festive dessert, we prepare the base of the cake without flour, instead using almond powder for a sponge cake that is especially fragrant and soft. Inside the cake, under a cloud of English chocolate mousse, is a seductive hidden centre of mango jelly with pineapple and the most delicate creamy passion fruit ganache. With sweet and slightly tart chocolate, delicately sour tropical fruits, and a light, melt-in-your-mouth texture, it’s the perfect combination.

Cakes sizes

  • Bento cake - 600 g (for 1-2 people)
  • Standard - 1 kg (for 4-5 people)
  • Large - 1.5 kg (for 6-7 people)

Important information

  • Orders for cakes are accepted 3 days (72 hours) prior to the desired date of receipt
  • Cakes can be stored for up to 72 hours at 4±2°C

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