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Accommodation with Pets

We look forward to providing a memorable stay for you and your pet.
To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, the following polices apply to your pet’s stay:

Hotel policy

• There will be a pet fee charged to your account once for the whole period of stay in the amount of 15 000 rub (including 20% VAT). Acceptable species are dogs with a maximum of one pet per room.

• Please advise the Guest Reception one hour prior to your departure in order to assess any possible damages. You will be billed for any damages caused by your pet or for any extraordinary cleaning necessary after your pet’s stay. You must tender a valid credit card at check-in as payment for any damage or extraordinary cleaning costs related to your pet’s stay. By signing this agreement, you expressly authorize the Hotel to charge these costs to your credit card during or after your stay.

• We welcome all-manned, disease-free pets, which weight no more than 10 kilograms (20 pounds). We reserve the right to require immediate removal of any pet what displays dangerous or unacceptable behavior, including, but not limited to biting, excessive barking, evidence of disease or urination or defecation in public areas. No more than one pet may occupy each guest room. You will be responsible for all charges relating to the removal of your pet including transportation and kennel charges.

• Pets are not allowed in any of the Food and Beverages outlets unless they are service dogs. Pets must be leashed or held arms in all common public areas of the hotel.

• Place the “Pet in Room” sign on the outside of your door whenever your pet is inside your room.

• For the safety and comfort of your pet, Housekeeping will enter your room if: (a) your pet is not present or (b) you are present and your pet is leashed or caged. Should you wish your room to be cleaned please call to Housekeeping.

• You agree to release, defend and indemnify the Lotte Hotel Moscow from any and all claims related to your pet’s stay at the Hotel, including any claims by third-parties.

• To confirm your accommodation with pets, please provide us with photo of your pet.


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