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retreat SIGNIEL Spa

retreat SIGNIEL Spa introduces a space containing Korea's original philosophy and high-dimensional sensibility,
and provides refined experiences to talk about true beauty and healing.
A space of complete rest for those who want to enjoy healthy beauty in their daily lives, it is retreat SIGNIEL Spa.


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After passing the reception space of natural materials, you will experience a special process of testing oil that best suits your condition and taste at the Oil Atelier, the beginning of your private space.

Tea Lounge offers a comfortable space to control your body and mind while drinking well-made tea.

From traditional Korean care programs using Bangjja Yugi to programs based on raw materials extracted from nature, Treatment Room prioritizes your comfort.

retreat SIGNIEL Spa's final journey, the Resting Lounge, combines the lingering effects of care with the city's scenery, making you want to stay in the spa a little longer.

  • 7 Treatment Rooms - 6 Single Rooms, 1 Double Room
  • Single Room: Separate shower and bathroom
  • Double Room: Couple suite, Individual bubble tub, Separate shower and bathroom
  • Oil Atelier
  • Tea Atelier
  • Resting Lounge


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