Art Collection Holding the Moon
  • Artist
    Kim Bo-Young
  • Media
    Natural-dyed Korean paper, white clay
  • Location
    LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Executive Tower 16F
  • Description of the Work

    The last jar to welcome us, past the hanging jar made of charcoal on the 15th floor of the Executive Tower of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, and past the creamy white moon jar on the way up to the 16th floor, is the work of artist Kim Bo-Young, created by adding layer upon layer of naturally dyed Korean paper on a base prepared with white clay. Her work attempts to bridge tradition and modernity through the process of pasting Korean paper dyed in colors derived from nature on a moon-shaped jar. For this process, the artist works with natural ingredients such as indigo plants, Chinese ink, safflower, biancaea, gardenia, and Chinese sumac to extract the dyes directly, in which she soaks the fine Korean paper by hand to produce deep but subtle hues. By repeating the process of tearing and pasting the Korean paper thus crafted, the artist shows how the original shape of the jar is gradually restored. The artist's work, which starts with natural dyeing, can be construed as an effort to encapsulate “nature” as is.

  • About the Artist

    Trained in oriental painting, the artist Kim Bo-Young has relied on natural dyes as a key technique since her college days. Her interest in traditional forms has led her to pursue the creation of images through collages, cutting up and pasting natural-dyed fine mulberry paper (a type of Korean paper) according to its place and shape. An artist intent in interpreting traditional material in modern ways, she breathes new life into numerous traditional motifs through the use of natural-dyed paper.
    For an artist, work means being closer to nature above all. The main material she uses for her work is paper that is cut lengthwise and folded like an accordion, and dyed naturally. She mainly uses folded fine mulberry paper, particularly favoring the natural patterns that appear as the dye seeps in. Kim has participated in various exhibitions, starting with her solo exhibition in 2010. She won the Silver Prize in the 9th Korea Women's Art Exhibition, and the Grand Prize in the 15th Angyun Art Competition.

Kim Bo-Young (b. 1985, Republic of Korea)
  • Completed the doctoral program in the Department of Painting, Dongduk Women’s University Graduate School
    Graduated from the Department of Painting, Dongduk Women’s University Graduate School, with a Master’s Degree in oriental painting
    Graduated from the Department of Painting, Dongduk Women’s University College of Arts, with a major in Korean painting