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New To-Go Box

The long-time popular menu items include lamb chops and lobster, and energy-boosting Kung Pao conger eel, along with a varied seasonal menu.
You can simply pick up these dishes from LOTTEHOTEL SEOULDelica-Hans to enjoy anytime and anywhere
Period : 2023-01-01 - 2024-12-31
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Delicahans, to-go box

New To-Go Box

■ Menu Items and Price
- Grilled Lamb Chops [KRW 80,000]
- Grilled Lobster [KRW 100,000]
- Kung Pao Conger Eel [KRW 50,000]
- Chicken & Shrimp Vegetable Curry [KRW 45,000]

■ Reservation
- Phone reservation : Until 6:00 PM one day before the pick up date
- Online reservation : Until midnight two dats before the pick-up date

■ Country of Origin
- Lamb Chops : Australia
- Chicken : Brazil

■ Inquiries : 02-317-7148~9

※ Pick-up is available at the drive-thru zone in front of the door desk on the first floor of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL or at the designated store.
※ The menu is subject to change according to the availability of food ingredients.

Facility information
  • Site name
    Delica Hans
  • Location
  • Type
    Bakery (Korean and Western style can be ordered)

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Delica Hans

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