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"color of your journey"
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL suggests a delightful journey that will fill your senses.
Period : 2023-07-01 - 2023-08-31
Event Detail

Exceptional recommendations that will transform your vacation into an unforgettable experience.
 • Period : 2023.07.01 ~ 2023.08.31
 • More Details : LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL instagram(@lottehotel.seoul), in-room brochure

• Summer Night Movie - Cinema room with LG Premier Cine-beam
• Art Collection - artistic journey throughout the hotel
• Photo Booth - capture moments with a single snapshot

• Summer Mini-concert - jazz&classic live concerts in hotel lobby
• Jazz Live - evening live performances at the Peninsula Lounge

• MEMO PARIS X LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL - fragrant journey with French Luxury Niche Perfume brand 'MEMO'
• Diptyque Amenities - indulge in the luxurious lingering scent

• Jeju Apple Mango Bingsu - delightful treat for the eyes and the palate
• Lounge 'Le Salon' - a journey of culinary excellence at Le Salon
• In Room Dining

• He:on Bedding - signatur bedding service and customized pillows
• Swimming pool
• Bread Barbershop Coloring - painting character with non-toxic crayons