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Thank you for visiting LOTTE ARAI RESORT.

This season, we had planned to close on Sunday, May 14, but due to less snowfall than usual and melting snow caused by the recent rise in temperature and rainfall, we have decided to change the scheduled closing date to Sunday, May 7.

We will do our best to extend our service to as many customers as possible, but we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance regarding the following matters.

(1) Although we will do our best to maintain the Beefree and Encore courses during the opening period, there is a possibility that the closing date may be earlier due to snow melting conditions.

(2) In order to avoid further melting of snow due to heavy equipment traffic, we will refrain from snow pressing after April 24 (Mon.).
We anticipate that the course conditions will be difficult for beginners.

(3) Some items in the Snow Park (Encore) may be closed early if we deem it difficult to properly maintain and manage them.

* You can check the condition of the course on the live camera on our website.