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Safety Rules

Guidelines and information for safe fun at Arai Snow Resort.
Please check the safety measures and enjoy the slopes.

■ Arai Rules

To play safely and have fun

Accidents, injuries and dangers can be reduced by increasing each individual's awareness and awareness of the dangers on the ski slopes.
In the winter mountains, you can have fun with snow and a variety of equipment.
Please be aware that regardless of the equipment used, it is all about having fun in the natural winter mountain environment and please observe the Arai Rules.

[ Arai Rules ]
1. Ducking under or jumping over ropes is strictly forbidden.
2. DO NOT go into any closed, or off-limit areas.
3. Only enter the courses and free riding zones via the gates.
4. Please read the signs, and abide by the rules and instructions of the patrol team and resort staff.
5. Pay attention to terrain, snow, and weather conditions.

If you fail to follow rules No .1、2、3 and 4 , our staff may confiscate your lift ticket.

■ Off-Slope No Trespassing

'Outside the ski area boundary' of the Arai Snow Resort is a hazardous terrain.
No avalanche control measures are in place here, and no rescue operations have been carried out.
This area is difficult to return to due to the outward facing ridge, steep slopes and complex ridge formations.
The area is off-limits due to the need for extreme caution.



While it is difficult to prevent injuries and accidents altogether, these ten rules,
which alert you to what to expect on the ski and snowboard slopes and introduce basic coping strategies,
can help increase safety awareness and prevent injuries and accidents before they happen.

1. Respect for others
2. Control of speed & skiing or snowboarding
3. Choice of route
4. Overtaking
5. Entering, starting & moving upwards
6. Stopping on the slope
7. Climbing & descending on foot
8. Respect for signs & markings
9. Assistance
10. Identification

■ Beyond the ropes.

Are you aware of the dangers lurking on the 'unmanaged slopes' on the other side of the rope?
Your safety depends on you.

The environment on and off the piste is very different.
A ski area is a place that provides a safe riding environment for a wide variety of skiers,
whereas the mountain is undeveloped and untouched by nature.
Understanding and clearly distinguishing these differences is the first step towards your safety.
Make sure you understand this important point, and enjoy your skiing safely.

■ [ Important ] Outside the Arai Snow Resort slopes

The area outside the Arai Snow Resort slopes is state and private land and is unmanaged.
Skiing outside the slopes is prohibited.

◆ Ski resort off-limits area

These are areas of the ski resort that are restricted to general public access.
These areas have particularly dangerous terrain and equipment and are closed to the general public.
To ensure the safety of the ski area, entry to these areas is prohibited.

1. Under lift, gondola, etc. lines
2. Dangerous areas due to rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, obstacles, etc.
3. Areas where avalanches caused by entry or skiing may cause damage to others.
4. Slopes and courses where entrances are closed by poles, ropes, nets, signs, etc.

◇ Outside the ski resort management area

These are areas within the ski area but outside the ski area's control.
These areas are also not permitted to ski, and may be beyond the reach of the ski area's safety measures and rescue.
You must exercise due caution when skiing and act at your own risk depending on the situation.

1. No safety controls or regulations are in place outside the ski area.
2. In the event of an accident or distress, such as an avalanche, the ski resort patrol will not be able to rescue anyone.
3. The ski resort is not responsible for any accidents or mishaps that occur.
4. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to return to the controlled area after the ski area opening hours.

◆ Backcountry

Backcountry skiing means leaving the facilities and management of a ski resort and entering undeveloped natural areas.
Backcountry terrain is pristine, with a high degree of adventure and danger, including avalanches and severe terrain conditions.

The backcountry area is outside the ski area management and is NOT PERMITTED at this facility.

◇ Off-course skiing

Off-course skiing refers to skiing in areas of the ski area outside the designated trails.
Areas outside of the designated trails may be subject to various hazards, such as avalanches, obstacles and ungroomed terrain.
Off-piste skiing is a threat to the safety of yourself and others, so please ensure that you follow the rules and instructions of the ski area and ensure a safe skiing environment.

■ Emergency Calls


TEL 110


TEL 119

Patrol Team

TEL +81-255-75-1165