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Hoshizora Pool

The indoor pool is available to guests throughout the year, and in summer guests can enjoy an expansive garden pool.


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    ARAI 2F, Hoshizora Onsen & Pool

Pool Facilities


Indoor Pool

Open year round
The indoor swimming pool can be enjoyed all year round, experience leisurely swimming and relaxation.
The water management system keeps the water at comfortable temperatures and the good quality.

[Operating Hours]
Weekday: 1:00p.m.~9:00p.m. (Final Admission 8:00p.m.)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
:10:00a.m.~9:00p.m. (Final Admission 8:00p.m.)
Indoor Pool usase prices Observation locker room Hot spring use Re-entry Towel Rental remarks
Visitor Adults ¥2,000

¥500/per adult

(Vaild on the day)

Within the time of the day

Free of charge


6 to 12 years old

Children ¥1,200
Hotel guests Adluts ¥1,300
Children ¥700


  • Garden Pool is operated only during the summer season. (7/15~9/3)
  • The garden pool and night pool will be open even when it rains.
  • However, admission may be temporarily restricted in the event of thunderstorms, strong winds, or other inclement weather.
  • In such cases, the indoor pool will be available for use.
  • It is possible to enter 1 hour before the end of the swimming pool operation.
  • Our customer under three years of age are not allowed to use.
  • Swimwear rental is not available.
  • Hot spring(Onsen) is also available for those who use the pool.


(1) Bathing Facility Reception
・One person per shoe locker, please, and leave the key at the reception desk.
・The wristband you will be issued will have your locker number on it. Do not use any others.
・Please return the wristband when you leave the facilities.
・Losing or damaged your wristband will result in a 3,000 yen fee.

(2) Pool Rules (Please Read)
・When using the pool, please be sure to wear a swimsuit (swimsuits are available for purchase at the reception desk).
・Please shower before using the pool.
 If you are using sun oil or sunscreen, please shower to remove the oil or cream before entering the pool.
・You may wear a bathing suit and jacket from your room. Please stop by the hot spring reception counter when you enter.
・Please refrain from entering with shoes on.
・Beach towels are available for rent at the reception.
・Please follow the instructions of the staff when using the pool facilities.
・Please refrain from using the facilities if you have a skin condition or contagious disease.
・Diapers are not allowed for adults or children.
・Please note that drunken persons may not be allowed to use the facilities.
・No food or beverages are allowed to be brought into the facility.
・Please use the safety deposit boxes located in the guestrooms and spa facilities to store your valuables.
 Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage of valuables.
・Please do not drink alcohol if you are driving a car.
・Please refrain from smoking in areas other than the designated smoking areas in the pool.
・Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
・Children in diapers may use the poolside, but are not permitted to enter the pool.
・No gang-related persons are allowed to enter the building.
・Please refer to the "Tattoo Restrictions" below if you have tattoos.
・Any other activities that may cause inconvenience to other visitors are prohibited.

(3) Re-entry
・Please bring your receipt of the day when you wish to re-enter the venue.
Please note that without the receipt, re-entry will not be possible.
If your stay plan includes the use of the Garden Pool, please inform the receptionist of your room number.
If you wish to use the night pool, you will be charged separately.

(4) Information regarding the measures being taken to prevent possible infection by Covid-19
・Please take appropriate social distance when using the indoor pool, changing rooms, and other facilities.
・Please be advised that the pool admission may be restricted depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection.


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