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Hoshizora Pool

The indoor pool is available to guests throughout the year, and in summer guests can enjoy an expansive outdoor pool.


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    Hoshizora Onsen & Pool Front Desk 2F


Indoor Pool: 9:00-21:00(Entrance 20:00)

An indoor pool that can be used year round

General admission (towel included): Onsen use (Adults: 1,300 yen; Children: 700 yen), Pool use (Adults: 1,500 yen; Children: 700 yen), Pool + Onsen Use (Adults: 2,000 yen; Children: 1,200 yen)

Prices for resort guests (towel included): Pool (Adults: 1,300 yen, Children: 700 yen)

20% off for those with a lift ticket
Children (under 12 years old)
Children under three years of age enter free


TEL +81-255-75-1114 Make a Call


(1) Bathing Facility Reception
・One person per shoe locker, please, and leave the key at the reception desk.
・The wristband you will be issued will have your locker number on it. Do not use any others.
・Please return the wristband when you leave the facilities.
・Losing your wristband will result in a 3000 yen fee.

(2) Pool Rules (Please Read)
・No dirty feet allowed in the pool.
・By using the facilities, you agree to follow the instructions of staff at all times.
・Persons with tattoos (Japanese or foreign, real or fake) will be refused entry into the bathing area.
・We will refuse admission and service to any and all anti-social organizations(including organized crime).
・We ask that persons with skin and/or contagious ailments to understand that we cannot offer them the service of the bathing facilities.
・We ask parents of toddlers in diapers to understand that we cannot offer the services of the bathing facilities.
・Inebriated guests will be refused the services of the bathing facility.
・No outside food or drink allowed into the pool area as light foods and drinks available for purchase within the pool area.
・We cannot accept any responsibility for ANY personal items lost or misplaced at the facility.
・Bathing suit required.

・Oil-based tanning lotions and sunblocks, etc. are forbidden in the water. Please wash them off completely before entering the pool.
・We refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to persons driving.
・Smoking strictly prohibited outside designated areas within the pool facility.
・Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
・Do not disturb other guests.