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There are various festivals and events of various sizes in the Kita-Shin-Etsu area centering around LOTTE ARAI RESORT.
From spring cherry blossoms, summer fireworks, autumn foliage, to winter illumination fantasies.
You can enjoy the unique charms of Echigo throughout the four seasons.

* Slide 7: Courtesy of Joetsu Tourism Convention Association

nagaoka, fireworks

Fireworks display

There are various amazing fireworks festivals around the Joetsu area, including the Nagaoka Festival, which is one of the largest scales in Japan.

Takada Park

Cherry blossom viewing party at Takada Park

30 minutes by car from LOTTE ARAI RESORT is Takada Park, which is home to approximately 4,000 cherry blossom trees.

Held in early April, the Takada Castle Park Sakura Festival is one of the most popular cherry blossom locations in Japan due to its nighttime illuminations.
Not only Japan but also people from all over the world come to Takada to enjoy and relax under the blossoms.
Hundreds of food and entertainment stalls line the park offering the best of festival food and drinks, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere.

The illuminated cherry blossoms framing the regal triple turrets of Takada castle mirrors in the clear waters of the surrounding moat creates a truly memorable and breathtaking view.


Sake Festival

Every year, Sake breweries from across the Joetsu Myoko region come together to share the fruits of their labor. Taste the best sakes that Niigata has to offer alongside locally made fruits wines, doburoku (white sake) and beers.
You will also be able to enjoy a variety of delicious gourmet dishes as well as buy local produces. As such, even nondrinkers can enjoy this festival.
Every year people from all over japan come together to create a bustling and enjoyable atmosphere.

Light corridor

Corridor of lights

The "Corridor of Lights" is a beautiful local event where over 100,000 candles are lit, alongside various snow sculptures, along the roads of Yasuzuka, Oshima, Urakawara, Maki, Takashi and Nadachi.

All residents in these areas, from each child to each grandparent, come together to create this one-night-only masterpiece of snow and candle light, filled with their thoughts and dreams. You can enjoy the warmly lit snowy world in tranquility.


Iiyama Kamakura Festival

“Kamakura no Sato” is a winter tradition in Iiyama, a town in the heart of snowy country, where more than 20 large kamakura (igloos) are lined up in a pure white snow field.
Every year from late January to the end of February, you can enjoy the Kamakura Festival and even take dinner in the Kamakura Restaurant where you can eat delicious hot pot inside a kamakura.


Zenkoji Gokaicho

Once every seven years, the Zenkoji temple in Nagano holds an event honoring one of the oldest Buddhist images in Japan the Amida Buddha, also known as the “hibutsu" hidden Buddha. The event, known as "Gokaicho", takes place in early spring with small and large scale events spanning over two months. It offers a rare opportunity for visitors to experience such timeless event or pay their respects to Budda.
The next Gokaicho festival will be held from April 2022.

single board skiing

* Courtesy of Joetsu Tourism Convention Association

Lerch Festival

This event will be held at the "Mt.Kanaya-Ski Resort," the birthplace of skiing in Japan.
Visitors can enjoy a variety of events, including a demonstration of single stick skiing, which was introduced by Major Theodor Eödler von Lerch, a soldier of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.