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Off-Slope No Trespassing

'Outside the ski area boundary' of the Arai Snow Resort is a hazardous terrain.
No avalanche control measures are in place here, nor are rescue operations.
In this area, the ridges face outwards and the steep slopes and complex ridges make it difficult to return.

hazard map

Important Notes

- The terrain "outside the ski area boundaries" is hazardous.
- There is no avalanche protection outside the ski area boundaries.
- Rescue operations outside the ski area boundaries are not being conducted.

ARAI SNOW RESORT's "outside the ski area boundary" is not returnable because the ridges face outward, and there are steep slopes and multiple ridges in a row.

Highly Distressed Area

High-occurrence location #1

The ridge is outside and cannot be returned to.

2023: Two distress calls were received.

High-occurrence location #2

There are several ridges on the outside that cannot be traversed back.

High-occurrence location #3

All ridges point outward.
It is difficult to go back.



By increasing each individual's awareness of the dangers of skiing, accidents, injuries, and dangers can be reduced. In the winter mountains, there is snow and you can enjoy yourself with a variety of equipment. Please be aware that regardless of the equipment you use, you are enjoying yourself in a natural winter mountain environment, and please follow the ARAI RULES.

1. Ducking under or jumping over ropes is strictly forbidden.
2. DO NOT go into any closed, or off-limit areas.
3. Only enter the courses and free riding zones via the gates.
4. Please read the signs, and abide by the rules and instructions of the patrol team and resort staff.
5. Pay attention to terrain, snow, and weather conditions.

If you fail to follow rules No .1、2、3 and 4 , our staff may confiscate your lift ticket.

Outside the ski area boundary

1. Arai Snow Resort takes no responsibility for any accidents that occur outside of resort boundaries.
2. Immediately call the police (110) when you spot any accidents that occur outside of resort boundaries.

Emergency Calls

Police Department

TEL 110


TEL 119

Patrol Team

TEL +81-255-75-1165

Search and Rescue Expenses

In the event of rescue or search activities occurring "outside the ski area boundaries", please be advised that the cost will be charged to you (the person in need of rescue, the person involved, or the person requesting rescue) regardless of the reason or the result of the search.

Rescue Search Cost Per Hour
Gondola ¥100,000
Snow vehicle (per vehicle) ¥50,000
Snowmobile (per vehicle) ¥30,000
Back up person (per person) ¥10,000
Other Costs claim for actual expense

■ Emergency Calls


TEL 110


TEL 119

Patrol Team

TEL +81-255-75-1165