Joetsu Myoko area is famous for the Myoko mountains, which has been designated as the Myoko Togakushi Mountain Range National Park and has been selected as one of the 100 most famous mountains of Fukada Hisaya. It’s a vast and fertile land that extends all the way to the sea.

As the receiver of the foremost of Japan’s snowfall, Myoko is gifted with a bounty of nature throughout the year. The melting spring snow bringing richness to the surrounding crops and lush forests. No matter how many times you visit, you will never get tired of the beautiful scenery that changes from season to season.

Imori, pond

Mt. Myoko

The peak of Myoko Togakushi Mountain Range National Park stands at 2,454m high, and can be seen from anywhere in the Joetsu Myoko area.
It is a famous mountain range that has been designated as one of Japan's 100 Most Famous Mountains.
Located in Niigata Prefecture, and the only mountain range in Hokushin Godake, Myoko is surrounded by an abundance of nature, stunning scenery and many famous natural hot springs.
Many tourists come from all over the world in search of some of the best snowfalls in Japan.

NAENA, waterfall, MYOKO

Naena Falls

Naena Falls is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. With a drop of 55m, the powerful spray rises majestically up from the waterfall creating rainbows on a sunny day.
It is a waterfall connecting the Sekigawa river which flows through the prefectural border between Niigata and Nagano.
There is an observatory near to the waterfall, which is easy to access on foot along the promenade, about 15 minutes from the parking lot.
Naena is one of the most photogenic spots within Myoko, the surrounding foliage expressing each season; decorated with budding flowers in spring, lush greens in the summer and a kaleidoscope explosion of autumn colors.

arai-resort, area-attractions

Imori Pond

Imori Pond is an iconic local tourist spot with a wonderful view of Mt.Myoko mirrored in its calm waters.
Imori Pond has a promenade surrounding the circumference of pond that can be leisurely walked in about 15 minutes. You can see various flowers and birds here throughout the four seasons.
During spring, white water lilies fill the pond followed then by pink water lotuses in the summer.

You can also sample the local soba at the café, as well as soak your feet free of charge in the open foot onsen.

Sasagamine, meadow

Sasagemine Heights

Deep within the Myoko mountain range, there are many walking and hiking trails leading to the Sasagamine Plateau, which reaches to an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Here you can enjoy trekking from spring to late autumn. In addition, there is the Utana no Shimizu which has been selected as one of the 100 famous waters of the Heisei period.

Lake Nojiri, sightseeing boat

Lake Nojiri

Mt. Madarao and Mt. Kurohime can also be viewed.
The sightseeing boats that cruise around Lake Nojiri are also popular.

Bannai park, river

Bannai River Park

It takes about 5 minutes by car from Lotte Arai Resort.
The river is shallow and clear, so children can safely play in the river.
There is also a lawn area and a slide.

arai resort, ski


Second only to Echigo Snow Country, LOTTE ARAI RESORT boasts one of the highest snowfalls in Japan.
In addition to enjoying snow sports, with a trip up LOTTE ARAI RESORT gondola, you can simply marvel at the magnificent white and silver landscape stretching from the mountains of Myoko to the coasts of Naoetsu.
The distant view of the surrounding mountains and the snowy countryside scenery is truly unique.
There are various snow activities operated both inside and outside the resort, so even those who do not ski or snowboard can enjoy their winter trip with the taste of the season.



There are many flower sightseeing spots in the Joetsu-Myoko area, where you can enjoy various kinds of flowers during each season. Large-scale festivals are held especially for cherry blossoms, rapeseed blossoms, and lotus flowers which attracts many tourists each year.

Mount Hiuchi

Autumn leaves

The Myoko Togakushi Mountain Range National Park is centered around the Joetsu-Myoko area and is home to many famous sightseeing spots for the autumn colors.
You can enjoy the views of autumn foliage in various ways, from low key trekking trails, full-scale mountain climbing courses, leisurely car trips or stunning views high up a gondola.



You can reach the sea in less than an hour by car or by train.
On sunny and clear days, there are many scenic spots where you can even see Sado Island.

South on the coastal rail line, you can reach Marine Dream Nou, which offers a gorgeous view of the sunset over the ocean.