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The Gallery

- A harmonious blend of nature and modernity -

A special space where art and elegance come together, perfect for various events and gatherings.


  • Type
    Multipurpose Hall
  • Location
    Nest Building 1F


The gallery boasts a spacious area of 411.6㎡, designed to accommodate various events such as exhibitions, forums, and mini-concerts according to your needs.

Designed by Fujimoto Terunobu, the gallery exudes its unique charm with a dome-like structure and white marble floor, creating a beautiful harmony akin to an art piece. Additionally, the centrally placed fireplace provides a cozy warmth, enhancing the ambiance of any event.

In addition, there is a second floor with a charcoal wall crafted by local artisans, accessible via a unique staircase made of logs with wedge-shaped handrails handcrafted by Akasegawa Genpei. The space beyond offers a sanctuary where the creativity of artists intertwines with tranquility.


Event Scene

【Captivating Event Space】
The gallery serves as a unique venue loved by various individuals, including artists, creators, and local communities.
It is suitable for a wide range of events, including exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and talk events.


Mini Concerts

Exhibition, Kawasaki Hikari, Japanese gods


Other events such as seminars, study sessions, and discussions can also be hosted here.

We look forward to creating wonderful events together at the gallery.

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