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Hoshizora Winery

Situated across from the entrance to Lodge, Hoshizora Winery has a fine selection of wines chosen monthly from wineries across Japan. After you've taste-tested some, and enjoyed a few glasses in the shop's relaxed atmosphere, you can take home your very own bottles for friends, family and yourself.

In addition to the wonderful selection of wines, Hoshizora Winery also carries wine-related goods such as glasses, and an original line of items called Suisei (Comet) combining proudly-produced, local-area jade from the city of Itoigawa and Western-style tableware from the Sanjo area in northern Niigata.


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    Opposite the Lodge entrance
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   ※ For preventing the spread of COVIC-19, it will be temporarily closed.
    Please kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the closure.


TEL +81-255-75-1116 Make a Call