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Sauna Paradise

Enjoy the collaboration of outdoor sauna and snow!


  • Type
    Outdoor saunas
  • Location
    In front of the Hoshizora Onsen
  • Hours
    Dec. 16th, 2023 - Mar. 31st, 2024
    Open Hours : 13:00 - 20:00
    Closed : Tuesday

How To Enjoy

Would you like to experience luxurious healing in the snow?
Sauna Paradise is a collaboration of sauna and snow, creating a contrast with the cold outside world and offering the ultimate in relaxation.

〇 A blissful experience of snowballs and aroma

Our sauna is a place to enjoy a luxurious aromatic experience in the snowy mountains.
The combination of snowballs and aroma will provide healing for your tired mind and body.

〇 Dive into the snow

Cool down your burning body by diving into the snow.

〇 The Best Relaxation at Hoshizora Onsen

After the sauna, why don't you soak in Hoshizora Onsen?
The Onsen will help you relax and heal your tired body.


[ Price ]
Reservation required :
¥1,500 / 1 hour
¥3,000 / 3 hour

The below charges are included.
1. sauna fee
2. bath towel
3. sauna wear
4. infinity chair

[ Option ]
Hoshizora Onsen:¥1,500
Free hot spring bath for guests staying in the hotel.
(Please inquire with your room number)


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