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LOTTE ARAI RESORT Photo Contest 2021

LOTTE ARAI RESORT will be the theme of our Photo & Video Contest.
Please take pictures of the scenery of the resort that changes throughout the four seasons and the moments of encounter.
Period : 2021-01-01 - 2021-12-31
Event Detail

Entry Requirements:Anyone can apply.
Entry Period:All year round (Summer Season from late April to November, Winter Season from mid-December to mid-May)
Entry method:Please send your application to the following address.
Entry address: araiphotocon@gmail.com

Please write your name, address, and contact phone number in the subject line of the email with the words " Entry for the Competition" and attach your work. If you have a large number of entries or a large file size, you may use a data transfer service.

Contest Theme:
- Ski and Snowboard Category
Photos or videos featuring skiing, snowboarding, other snow sports, or scenery at LOTTE ARAI RESORT.

- Activity Category
Photos or videos with the theme of various activities or adventures at LOTTE ARAI RESORT.

- Nature Category
Photos or videos with a theme of nature in and around LOTTE ARAI RESORT grounds.

- Model Photo Category
Photos or videos with the theme of people enjoying (family, friends, lovers, etc.) or working at LOTTE ARAI RESORT.

Best of the Year Prize: Pair of Deluxe Room Vouchers
Summer Grand Prize: pair of Superior Room vouchers
Winter Grand Prize: Pair of Superior Room Vouchers
Summer Grand Prize: Pair of dinner vouchers
Winter Grand Prize: Pair of dinner vouchers

Winners' Announcement
Winners will be contacted directly and announced on Lotte Arai Resort official website and SNS.
(Winter: June, Summer and Annual: December)

Lotte Hotel Arai Marketing Department will carefully review all the entries. (In some cases, no entries will be selected.)

Entry Rules
1: Works must be submitted in data format. Any equipment, data size, image processing or editing is acceptable.
2: Entries must be unpublished (entries posted on the applicant's personal SNS are also acceptable).
3: The copyrights of the submitted works belong to LOTTE Hotel Arai Co.
4: If you are submitting a work that identifies an individual or a corporation, please be sure to obtain the consent of the person photographed. The applicant is responsible for the portrait rights of the subject (this does not apply if the photographer is a member of our staff).
5: In principle, all entries will not be returned.
6: Entries that are not in accordance with the theme of the entry, or do not comply with the entry rules 1-5 will not be eligible to win.

Lotte Hotel Arai Marketing Department, Lotte Arai Resort Co.
1966 Ryosenji, Myoko-shi, Niigata 944-0062 Japan
Phone: 0255-75-1155