Enjoy Niigata Sake at Lotte Arai Resort!
Sake from local breweries and snacks made from Niigata specialties at the Japanese restaurant "Asahi”
The bar "Ruri" serves local "Iwanohara Wine" from "Iwanohara Vineyard”.

Period : 2022-10-17 - 2022-11-20
Event Detail
Fair, Niigata, SAKE
Niigata, Fair, asahi, Appetizers
Hakobune Bettei
Bar Ruri

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[Event Period]
17th Oct. 2022 ~ 20th Nov. 2022

[Event Time]
4:00 p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m.

[Event Venue]
-Japanese restaurant “Asahi” (SAKE)
-Bar “Ruri” (Wine)

■□「Asahi」What we offer □■

Sake tasting: Local Myoko sake breweries "Kiminoi Shuzo", "AyuMasamune Shuzo", "Chiyonohikari Shuzo" (junmai ginjo) + selected Niigata sake breweries (regular sake, honjozo sake) You can choose 5 kinds from about 20 kinds.

1,100 yen per person (tax included)

Three kinds of Niigata specialty snacks are available for 880 yen (tax included).

* Other sake and a la carte snacks are available for purchase for an additional charge.
* On Saturdays during the event period and on days when tours are included, there will be a "Sake Performance" hosted by a local Myoko sake brewery.

□■「Ruri」What we offer ■□

Tasting: Two types of Iwanohara wines from the local "Iwanohara Vineyard" will be served.

1,100 yen per person (tax included)

* Other wines and snacks will be available for an additional fee.

Facility information
  • Site name
  • Location
    LODGE 2F
  • Type
    Japanese Restaurant

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    Bar Ruri
  • Location
    LODGE 1F
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Lotte Arai Resort-Dining-Cafe Lounge-Bar Lounge Ruri
  • Under aged drinking is prohibited by law.
  • Drunk driving is prohibited by law.
  • Please enjoy alcoholic beverages appropriately according to the physical condition and constitution of yourself and your companions.